Megalim's solar thermal energy system is engineered to produce predictable, reliable and cost-competitive clean energy when needed most.


The solar thermal energy systems generate power the same way as traditional power plants – by creating high temperature steam to turn a turbine. However, instead of using fossil fuels or nuclear power to create the steam, Megalim uses the sun’s energy.

At the heart of the solar thermal system is the next-generation solar field design, optimization software and a control system that enable the creation of high pressure, high temperature steam.




















The Ashalim project,  builds on the experience gained at the world’s largest CSP tower project - Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, a 390 MW CSP plant.  BrightSource’s technologies being deployed at Ashalim are designed to deliver performance improvements in all areas of solar field operations.

The construction partnership are General Electric, as the main contractor (EPC), with responsibility for the construction of the station, and BrightSource Energy, as the subcontractor, responsible for the solar field and control system technologies.


  • New Heliostat Design Improves Performance and Lowers Cost

  • Dual-Axis Trackers Now Powered by the Sun


  • Industry First Wireless Solar Field Communications and Control

  • Latest Proprietary Software Algorithms Allow for Increased Energy Production

  • High tower for optimal space utilization

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